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Getting to know some locals is a bit part of staying with a fellow hospitality club member (Photo courtesy of The Affordable Travel Club)

Free things to see and do in France

Self Portrait playing a lute (c. 1663/65) by Jan Steen, in the Museo Thyssen in Madrid, Spain (Photo courtesy of the Museo Thyssen)

Art and architecture in France

Vercingetorix throws down his arms at the feet of Julius Caesar (1899) by Lionel Royer. The painting depicts the surrender of the Gallic chieftain after the Battle of Alesia (52 BC). Note that one of the warriors (bottom left) has a torque around his neck. In fact, the torque was reserved only for gods and important members of a royal family. The depiction of Gauls with long hair and mustaches is also called into question today. The horse is a Percheron, although at this time this breed was not in Gaul. In addition, the Gauls rode bareback, but here the horse is saddled and harnessed. The rectangular shield also does not accord with the time when they were mostly oval. (Photo Public Domain)

From the Gauls to De Gaulle, a brief primer on French history

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The mysteries of the metric system

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Wine in France