Top 12 shopping experiences

The top shops, markets, and shopping experiences in France

My mother and wife at a Parisian park bench picnic (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

Where to get picnic pickings in Paris

 (Photo by gadl)
Shakespeare and Company
Paris: Latin Quarter

The legendary English-language bookshop(s) of Paris

Marché aux fleurs (Photo by Als33120)

Window-shop with the best: A primer on Paris boutiques, department stores, markets, and more

Some of the gourmet food shops along rue Saint-Antoine (Photo collage by Reid Bramblett)
Rue Saint-Antoine
Paris: Marais

Two blocks of cheesemongers, pâtes purveyors, patisserie, gourmet grocers, and even a Monoprix for the basics

Biberon et Fils, a stationery and leather shop selling high-end handbags at 334 rue St Honore (Photo by Monica Arellano-Ongpin)

Les boutiques de Paris

 (Photo by Jebulon)

The outdoor markets of Paris

 (Photo by Vulnerant Omnes)
Village St-Paul
Paris: Marais

Paris's most famous "hidden village" of artist and artisan boutiques

The Galeries Lafayette (Photo by Sergey Galyonkin)
Department stores
Paris: Opéra (9eme)

Les grand magazins: The department stores of Paris


Gourmet food in Paris

 (Photo by Vulnerant Omnes)

The hidden villages of Paris

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